Friday, August 16, 2013

Leslie P

These are thumbnail sketches submitted by Leslie.


Leslie I like your idea of using had as a main element. But top of your hand tends to be little more difficult than other gesture of a hand due to a limited formation.

I want to suggest something like this, it does not necessary need to be "reaching out" motion, but something that has more gesture in it.

We need to finish this project by next Friday, so please use the same technique you used for your previous project and limit using any element in the background.

Got it?

If you have further question, please write as a comment.

Thank you!


  1. Art Supply Warehouse ran out of 9x12s, so I got a 12x12. But the 12x12 exactly fits the scanner, luckily. I'll paint as if it's a 9x12.

    About the background, should it be the same blue color and pattern or maybe a different color with the same pattern?

  2. Hey LeslieThank you for getting back to me.It can be any color, any pattern and I am fine with 12x12Thank you!